actually, the regime is still blaming the Great Satan (contrary to the Great Pollyanna, err Polly Andrew)

Apparently, The Dish thinks the election of Obama was an amazing feat of magic that prevented the unashamedly fabulist Iranian regime from blaming the Great Satan for the Ashura protests. Hmm…

Here’s the post, which he entitles “The Junta’s Lame Response“:

It’s funny as hell in a way. All this mayhem on the streets? It’s all an MKO terrorist plot! From Press TV:

A source with the Iranian Intelligence Ministry has announced the arrest of a number of Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO) terrorists in anti-government protests that occurred in central Tehran.

But they couldn’t blame the Great Satan. Not as long as the neocons are out of power.

It’s all about the neocons, isn’t it? So the Iranian theocratic regime is asinine and could only succeed in enduring with the help of neocons — that seems to be the key factor, according to the neocon-centric universe of The Daily Dish.

But if we put aside theories for a second and look at simple facts… Um, no, they are still blaming The Great Satan, just as anyone knows, who has been reading the news whenever there is a bombing in Iran. The regime has always been blaming the Great Satan for supporting the MKO. But Sullivan believes they can’t now, because of Obama?

Interesting … An article just last week on the PressTV site focused on Democratic lawmakers attempt to persuade Obama not to move MKO detainees. And if Andrew would just scroll an inch or so down on the PressTV article he’s linking to and read the comments that regime stooges have left there:

Mon, 28 Dec 2009 02:53:02 GMT
Makes sense when viewed as the US providing them to support Mousavi.
This is part of the “soft” war against Iran by the USrael UK and the French. Iran should really clamp down on these terrorists.
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 02:25:17 GMT
USA Blows
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 02:22:25 GMT
CIA funds MKO, CIA are behind these protests. When will these useful idiots in the streets get a clue they are just pawns.
Ali G
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 02:06:11 GMT
The enemies of Iran is extremely experienced, they tune into feeling of sense of inferiority and ego, and drive the masses by their ignorance and control them like a herd of sheep, by the basic forces (switches) every human being is born with. It’s a sort of what you call Magic. Of course, Money and collaborators are needed. Thank You.
Laanat Bar Subversion
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 01:11:56 GMT
Suversive activites supported by Iran enemies
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 00:42:02 GMT
US agenda
Mon, 28 Dec 2009 00:42:02 GMT
This is part of the “soft” war against Iran by the USrael UK and the French. Iran should really clamp down on these terrorists.

It seems like blaming the “Great Satan” is still going strong in the post-Obama age. The beliefs about human nature in small-c conservativism that Sullivan says he subscribes to would have expected that.

It’s true that Obama’s persona and polices have flummoxed some illiberal hostile countries that were used to dealing with the Bush administration. And it’s great thing. But it doesn’t debunk the phrase Great Satan in the preposterous mouths and minds of the Iranian regime, unless Sullivan thinks I can sell him the Brooklyn Bridge.

In fact, on December 4th, Ahmadinejad was blaming the United States, under Obama, for doing something particularly satanic: trying to prevent the coming of the Hidden Imam (the Shiite messianic figure) by causing all this civil disruption.  Jeff Weintraub comments:

In short, although most western analysts have completely missed this key fact, the Bush/Cheney administration was acting primarily on the basis of Shiite eschatology, and the Obama administration has followed suit.

No, this is not a parody from the Onion. Nor is it a piece of malicious neocon/Zionist/Orientalist/war-mongering propaganda concocted to distort the views of President Ahmadinejad, whom we all know to be the head of an impeccably “realist” and “pragmatic” government. Tabnak is an Iranian news website with hard-line anti-reformist views and connections to elements in the Revolutionary Guards.

In fact, wasn’t Sullivan saying they were “pragmatic” enough to be contained with their inevitable nuclear bomb? But in this post he seems to think that they are hopelessly out of touch with reality … A big clue might have been when they faked the election so unrealistically.

How long will it take a regime figure to reference the United States or Obama in relation to the Ashura protests? I’m a betting a couple of seconds. [UPDATE.] Long enough time for giving a second thought before posting something with the word neocons in it.


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