The Dish tries a pivot on the “Sanctions Question”

Here Sullivan seems readying to move toward a policy of sanctions against Iran:

The Green Movement has strongly resisted all sanctions against Iran,

Well, not every member of the Green movement. And of course the leaders will had to be publicly against any sanctions to protect themselves against accusations of aiding the enemy.

and even more passionately opposes any military strikes. If Israel strikes, it will effectively kill the Iranian opposition movement,

That’s a Maybe. The opposition definitely will lose much of the sense of its own power it has had in feeling its strength according to its own natural evolution. (BTW, what if Israel kills Ahmadinejad? Will that be as likely to kill the opposition movement as an attack on nuclear sites?)

and set off a global wave of Jihadism which will kill many American soldiers and civilians.

That’s quite a prediction, that Americans will be frequently/massively attacked in the United States or around the world for Israel’s actions. As for American soldiers, it’s a much more reliable prediction to assume an increase in attacks on those stationed in Iraq.

So how to respond to the Revolutionary Guards’ continuing and mounting brutality?

The obvious answer, aired by Spencer Ackerman here, is very targeted sanctions designed to hurt the pocket-books of the regime’s leadership, not its people. How one does this without appearing to hurt the very people we want to support is above my paygrade. But I’d be eager to air any specifics. What I do oppose is the “crippling” sanctions favored by Howard Berman and Hillary Clinton.

In fact, Sullivan has not previously aired this as an “obvious answer.” Quite the contrary, he has hedged his bets on “targeted sanctions” and until now posted no discussion about them that doesn’t undercut their effectiveness or the possibility of such sanctions not affecting the Iranian people.

What The Dish seems to be doing here is attempting a pivot and trying to get a foot a different side of the debate, rather than keep on ra-raing the Green Opposition (which comes with patting one’s own back for avoiding more active paths toward Iran that Sullivan associates with “the neocons” … their path being the one The Dish marched in over Iraq).


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