Say it ain’t so, Cliff!

I know Cliff May is joking here but it’s not cool to joke when a neo-fascist idea is the unironic punch line.

Sullivan ignores that Cliff May is joking and with the help of a Gleen Greenwald post, literalizes May’s comments, in order to convey something more far-reaching and damning about the brutality May is musing about. But in essence, The Dish is right:

This is a neo-fascist sentiment. And it is a function of surrendering to barbarism, not fighting it.

May should apologize and explain how his joke was in poor taste.

UPDATE: May says his joke should have been taken as a Swiftian Modest Proposal. He also notes that Glenn Greenwald first addressed what he wrote as an actual policy recommendation and wrote,

If [May] suggested this murderous proposal only in humor, that’s so warped it might actually be worse.

No, Glenn. You say that because you know the opposite is plainly true: a joke would mitigate things and give you less to criticize. That’s part of why you’re an untrustworthy thinker, no matter how good most of your causes are. But cheer up! Hell, The Dish didn’t even mention that May might be telling a joke.

I still think it would be good if May said he regretted his attempt at humor.


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