Hardlining Oren v2.0

[UPDATE: My first time using “2.0” or the like and Jeffrey Goldberg notes it might be a trendy cliche that should be embarrassing by now.]

The Dish links to the Coteret blog’s analysis of a Hebrew interview with Oren, in which he forgets his reasons for favoring the anti-settlement-pro-anything-to-start-peace-talks-with-anyone group Americans for Peace Now over the anti-settlement-pro-anything-to-start-peace-talks-with-anyone J-Street.

It wasn’t that J-Street didn’t denounce the Goldstone report. Both groups didn’t denounce Goldstone. Oren’s reason that J-Street presented “a unique problem” was, as I paraphrased it:

that adding up the official opinions of J-Street and the opinions of its vocal members, the “pro-Israel lobby” seems to come out against all of Israel’s policies — for example, the Right of Return for Jews

Here’s Coteret’s translation of when Oren slipped up:

Razi Barkai: so why did you avoid the very important J Street conference?

Michael Oren: because I am everybody’s ambassador, exactly for that reason. Look, I consider it very important to reach out to any organization that calls itself pro-Israeli, and when I took office within a month I met the representatives of the American Peace Now and the New Israel Fund. But even among the pro-Israeli organizations there is a consensus surrounding certain issues, not necessarily the peace process, there are differences of opinion about the settlements, about Jerusalem, there are differences but there are no differences of opinion for example over supporting the IDF during Operation Cast Lead.

Razi Barkai: just a minute, do you define J Street as an anti-Zionist organization?

Michael Oren: no, that is not what I said. I said, supporting IDF soldiers during the fighting in Gaza,

Did APN support part of Operation Cast Lead? I think so. Even the Meretz Party supported the operation for one week, whereas J-Street never did.

denouncing the Goldstone Report, which not only the government that even the opposition and the president, everyone sees as a real danger to Israel’s security, that is within the consensus, so I was very happy that J Street recently supported legislation in Congress to enforce sanctions against Iran. Previously it had not done so, actually it is the only organization.

If he’s talking about the gasoline sanctions bill, APN is still against it.

I hope that in the future J Street will be more inside the consensus in denouncing the Goldstone Report. That is very important.

Coteret acknowledges Oren might have forgotten and spoke irresponsibly … but the blogger quickly moves away from that explanation in order to quote Shadia Drury via Glenn Greenwald on the Straussian “noble lie.”

I was not aware that whenever a diplomat in the flash of a media moment grasps for simple explanations or a concrete example that sums up something bigger and then falls on his face, it’s indicative of that person’s faith in the virtue of deceiving all the little people who don’t know how to read Nietzsche, Machiavelli, Plato, Leo Strauss and others between the lines.

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