Cliff May, genocidal maniac and short person

That’s what it looks like — emphasis and links, mine:

In fact, in its support for “enhanced interrogation techniques,” NRO doesn’t merely support what happened at Abu Ghraib but believes that prisoners there were treated better than they should have been. On the same Corner blog, one NRO contributor [Cliff May] last week actually proposed grouping prisoners in one ethnic group and murdering them in one go with a missile, even though many were admittedly innocent. And Jonah wants to say that conservatives at National Review oppose the techniques at Abu Ghraib!

Everyone agrees: Short people who literally support mass killings of innocent and probably taller people … don’t want no such short people ’round here.

Seriously: The Dish wanted us to know that we have the facts needed to hate the mind of Cliff May, and if there are other facts unmentioned … I guess it just feels good to find some hate to hate.


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