Quote of the Day

68% of the Afghans back the current presence of foreign troops in the near-term. Even though 43% say foreign forces are worse at avoiding civilian deaths, as opposed to 24% who say the opposite, the Afghans are getting even angrier at the Taliban … This poll makes someone who has lately been thinking our troops can’t do much there more enthusiastic about the future past:

Maybe if we remove the gung-ho Cheneyism, we might get back to the decency, humaneness and professionalism that once was globally understood as the core of the US military.

The post is called “Reality Check” …

But when was the entire globe enamored with the “core” of the U.S. military? … Maybe he means in the 8 weeks between the defeat of Germany and the Potsdam Conference … Or if he just means liked in lots more places, that could be from Pearl Harbor to the Gulf of Tonkin.

Anyway, if all we have to do to get our armed forces back to that Edenic state is to get rid of this abstract thing Andrew calls Cheneyism … then I’m all for reifying it, getting the world to agree with our concept, and then expelling it from the Garden.

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