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Transference watch

I liked the speech and the Q&A at the Republican caucus meeting, but I’m not sure we have to depend on Obama, as opposed to ourselves, nurturing the best in us. The Dish today:

Because unless the tone changes, unless the pure obstructionism and left-right ding-dong cycle stops, we are on a fast track to catastrophe.
[…] Maybe over the long haul, the poison of the past has to be worked through with Obama as therapist in chief.

Maybe Andrew for his part can stop hectoring people at the Corner and start engaging them directly, without demonizing insults.

Joe Carter and Marty Lederman, conservative and a liberal respectively, manage to avoid vilifying the people they argue with, over the issue of “enhanced interrogations” and torture. Each of them have rejected the Sullivan approach, because the problem is too important to let insults put people into camps, always ready to marshal their collective resources for war.

… Maybe The Dish’s post is partly a cry for help: might the Therapist in Chief call him and ask to help him to work through his poison? … Hopefully, Andrew’s mantra “Know hope” doesn’t apply in that scenario.

Each of us will just have to control ourselves for the greater good; it’s the small-c conservative way. He wrote us a book about it.

BTW, the Nietzsche quote Andrew gave a C+ interpretation of is applicable here.

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