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Now we have a falsification of dates, done in self-defense, that’s glaring to everyone on the planet but one person

Just saw a short post on The Dish, which imagines that Andrew’s posts that Leon Wieseltier is citing are from over a year and half earlier than when Andrew actually wrote them (this January). Andrew’s mind somehow was able to trick itself that the posts Wieseltier now criticizes are from a time when Wieseltier was willing to stand up and defend Andrew from headstrong accusations. Here’s Andrew’s post:

09 Feb 2010 03:34 pm

The Latest From Leon, Ctd

“About one thing I wish to be piercingly clear: I do not believe that Andrew Sullivan is an anti-Semite. No, it is more than a matter of my own belief. I know as an incontrovertible fact, based on my long acquaintance with him and his writings, that he is not an anti-Semite. Of course he is not an anti-Semite,” – Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic, April 25, 2008.

That was after almost all the citations he now quotes in his latest attack on yours truly.

April 2008 was “after almost all the citations he now quotes”?!

No, that is patently false. Moreover, it’s embarrassingly false.

Wieseltier writes, “Consider some squibs that Sullivan recently and then posted on his blog” (emphasis mine). Then, Wieseltier starts his citations with January of this year (that’s 2010, Andrew) and goes on from there. The Auden quote-of-the-day post that Wieseltier cites at the beginning of his piece is from January 26, 2010 (that’s this year, Andrew).

I’ve just gone through the TNR piece, line by line, and every single citation by Wieseltier is from over a year and a half after the qualification he made about Andrew in April 2008.

What kind of rational deterioration, or mental recklessness in battle, does this error show?

Maybe part of Andrew is starting to know that this assemblage of his recent writing might be getting at “something darker” about himself — doesn’t have to be antisemitism (and I’ve never accused him of it) — which he has not prepared himself to face …

Correction please, Daily Dish.

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