The piano?

Jeffrey Goldberg has a nuanced take on Andrew’s Israel-related writing of the last year, and a sensitive appraisal of the man himself.

But at one point Goldberg writes:

In the old days — meaning last year, and before — Andrew was an intemperate defender of the Jews. I remember one exchange in the run-up to the Iraq War in which he told me that seeing the movie “The Piano” made him even “more pro-war.” Now he has flipped, to the other extreme.

The Piano? Where Holly Hunter played the mute mail-order bride, and Harvey Keitel was her illiterate lover, and she only made her body available to husband Sam, not her soul … ?

Did Goldberg mean The Pianist, or did Andrew find some metaphor in Holly Hunter’s situation for the Taliban’s burkanization of women? …

UPDATE: Goldberg switched it to “The Pianist.” The director Jane Campion is once again safe from accusations of being a neocon. The director Roman Polanski is … well, let’s just not go there.

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