Wieseltier missed this beauty, where Jews miss their former integrity

Someone on David Frum’s blog found this Dish quote, from October 9, before I started the blog:

Over eight years, 28 Israelis were killed by Hamas rockets in what were clearly war crimes, as Goldstone emphatically reports. Four times that many Palestinians were killed by Israelis in one month in 2008. In the subsequent conflict, the ratio of Palestinian deaths to Israeli deaths was close to 100 – 1. […]

No; the issue is whether Israel committed war crimes in its self-defense in Gaza and whether that self-defense was disproportionate to the threat it faced. […]

As Matt points out, even if you believe the Israeli attack on Gaza was justified, that doesn’t exclude the possibility of war crimes in its execution. Is this so hard to understand? Jews of all people – the victims of war crimes of unimaginable evil – should know this. And exchange anger and paranoia for the integrity they once had.

Emphasis, mine.

By “Jews,” I guess he meant the majority of Israelis and all Jews who don’t agree with him about Gaza or the Goldstone report.

I guess they all lost their integrity in an instant, about 5,000,000 people in Israel and who knows how many he meant in America. Too bad for them.


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