Memes and mimesis …

Is this the easily written untruth for the day? From a Roger Cohen column called “Hard Mideast Truths”:

But day by day, square meter by square meter, the physical space for the second state, Palestine, is disappearing.

Sheesh. This is a gross overestimation of horizontal growth. It just isn’t happening like that — except illegally, in far-flung settlements that are a burden to the government — and hasn’t been for way longer than the partial freeze has been place. Growth in Gilo is not reducing viable space for a Palestinian state. I mean, it would be more accurate to write, “But every week, a square meter here, a square meter there, and the first state is doing nothing to bring in its outliers.”

But that doesn’t set up the author to be much wiser than the Israeli center — being maybe a little wiser is not enough.

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