Quotes of the day

Two are tied, from the same post at The Dish:

But if the Israel Lobby consists of people who rather emphatically support the defense of Israel against its enemies, then I was a part of it too, and still am.

Err… then thanks for being part of the Israel Lobby? I know you try to communicate to the Obama administration about Israel …

Are you also part of the Cuba Lobby if you don’t like Castro?

Maybe this quote is the suppressed voice of the “wild-eyed Zionist” Jeffrey Goldberg once knew as Andrew Sullivan.


And if you read Walt’s full post, you will see how the entire intellectual and journalistic apparatus of neoconservatism in all its journalistic ramparts – from the Washington Post op-ed page and the Wall Street Journal to the Weekly Standard, the National Review and the New Republic (and the Daily Dish) – were in the vanguard of such war-supporters.

The New Republic is neoconservative now, in either the elder-Kristol or next generation, younger-Kristol sense? (They may have had a few ex-Trotskyistes freelancing, but that was an improvement for a magazine that used to be beholden to Sovietism.) Is Israel the only common element here? Or is it any argument for liberal interventionism?

And The Daily Dish c. 2001? Was Andrew enrolled in a night class about Leo Strauss at the New School?

Anyway, by attaching his own blog to this list borrowed from Walt, Andrew is certainly not helping defend The Dish against the idea that its sporadic bile about Israel is a symptom of self-hate.

More importantly, he’s endorsing some irresponsibly broad criteria for what falls in the category of that ideological movement. I’ve said before, and Jeffrey Goldberg has almost said at much, that Andrew has been using the word “neoconservative” whenever he sees someone with one degree of difference of opinion on Israel, if it’s a degree closer to current Israeli policies.

Will it get worse, so that “neoconservative” becomes tantamount on The Dish to the Marxist accusation of “false consciousness”?

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