What was Andrew accused of again?

Sophia’s guest post at Harry’s place — here’s a passage (emphasis mine):

Some Jews have internalized this [antisemitic criticism of Israel’s legitimacy] to the point of attacking other Jews, i.e. the “good Jews/bad Jews” paradigm. This is echoed by (alas) powerful bloggers like Andrew Sullivan who gets millions of readers every day.

This has become an issue now as The New Republic’s Leon Wieseltier has brought it out in the open in a couple of strong pieces that are

Strong? The second one had many less weak points to weigh it down.

nevertheless being misinterpreted as claims that Sullivan is antisemitic, whereas they are actually pointing out that he is flirting with antisemitic memes – and he does in fact either support the Mearsheimer/Walt view of an ultra-powerful “Israel Lobby” in the US, or simply doesn’t see what’s wrong with their point of view.

This piece followed some outrageous comments by Sullivan equating support for Sarah Palin with support for AIPAC, or vice versa, and claiming that AIPAC’s (and thus Palin’s) foreign policy is per se violent and warlike.

Here’s Sullivan’s response to Wieseltier. And here is Wieseltier’s response to Sullivan’s response (This could go on for years, which might be entertaining in some respects – but which is tragic because it’s come up at all).

Finally, we have this piece by John Judis, who proclaims, “I’m No Big Fan of The Israel Lobby, But..,” in which, sadly, he finds himself once again having to state the obvious: that Israel didn’t send the US to war in the Middle East.

Wieseltier should have said it directly in the first piece: Andrew was “flirting with antisemitic memes” in an attempt to score hits on the Israel, which he now believes is a neocon albatross to America, in lieu of arguing specifics and exposing the junctures of his argument to attack.

It would have saved a lot of trouble for readers of both  TNR and The Dish. At this point, The Dish has accused Jonathan Chait of offering a “pseudo-defense” by saying that Andrew is not antisemitic and has always been unrealistic about Israel, both pro and con … and Johann Hari has been credited as being journalistically ethical about Israel.

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