Is The Dish becoming a fact-checker’s paradise? ctd

I’ve already set down some relevant questions about this issue.

However, Andrew was moved to post again basically reiterating his earlier points under a comment by Joe Klein. Sullivan has modified the phrase “Zionist heritage site” somewhat:

This is about killing any peace process, telling Obama to jump off a cliff and annexing the West Bank for eternity.

I guess Sullivan means more than the 3 main blocs there. I hope he doesn’t maintain this willful ignorance for eternity.

Some readers have said that Netanyahu was merely trying to make the Cave of the Patriarchs an “archeological” site and not a “Zionist” one. But it’s clear from the Israeli press that this site will be added to a list of “national heritage sites” and their inclusion was at the behest of two far-right religious parties.

Did readers get pissed at him for saying “Zionist heritage site”? Is that why he is re-posting? He does have a sensitive ego.

The meretricious move has outraged Abbas and given Hamas an opportunity to call for renewed violence. At some point, even the US press is going to have to cover this as what it is.

The Dish too.

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