A fascinating interview

Mickey Kaus tells us why he’s running for Barbara Boxer’s seat in the Senate. He’s avoiding being a spoiler by entering a race as an independent, and he’s fairly sure that if Boxer wins the primary, her opposition will be weak enough to survive the criticisms brought up in his campaign.


So it’s a perfectly honorable thing to do, to run for office as a way of starting a discourse within the party that’s been suppressed. The unions and the ethnic lobbies are so powerful that anybody who is in the system, working their way up the ladder, by the time they get to the top they have to say these things. They have to be for card check. They have to do what the unions tell them. They have to be for amnesty. The only way to get the opposite opinion expressed is for someone who is not trying to climb their way up the greasy pole of the party, who comes from the outside [to speak up]. Doomed is not a word I’d use. I would say I don’t think I’m going to win but I can accomplish what I want to accomplish without winning.

I don’t think Andrew has mentioned this stunt/quest yet. I’m wondering whether The Dish will be calling Kaus a homophobe again, after this whole Israelicentrism flap.

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