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The post “Now, For a Palestinian Affront,” — bizarre words in bold:

Just as Jewish settlers enjoying their new homes in East Jerusalem are repellent for singing songs in praising mass-murderer Baruch Goldstein, so it seems to me is it utterly unnecessary for the PA to take this moment for

the inauguration of a square named after Dalal Mughrabi, the Fatah woman who led the 1978 Coastal Road Massacre in which 37 Israeli civilians and an American photographer were killed and 71 people were wounded.

Mercifully, this ceremony was postponed yesterday.

So timing is the problem with the praise of a mass murderer, deliberately targeting civilians? It’s OK, if it’s later? … The Dish is just dripping with Israeli-inclusive humanism.

Here’s some Palestinian media translated about the postponement:

Although world pressure forced the Palestinian Authority to cancel the official ceremonies to name a square after the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi last week, several senior Fatah officials participated in a “popular inauguration” organized by Fatah’s youth movement. According to the PA, the square is now named after Mughrabi and an official ceremony, including placing a monument, will take place at a later date. Thursday’s “popular inauguration” was on the 32nd anniversary of “the Coastal Road Massacre” of 1978, in which 37 were murdered in a bus hijacking.


Trying to minimize the impact of world pressure on the PA, Adnan Al-Dumeiri, spokesman for the PA Security Apparatus, announced at the “popular inauguration” that the official inauguration was postponed “due to technical reasons and not because of Israel’s request.”

Fatah spokesman Dr. Faiz Abu Aytah called terrorist Dalal Mughrabi “a symbol in the history of our national struggle” and emphasized “the right of Fatah, of the Palestinian Authority, and of the Palestinian people to celebrate the anniversary of her [Mughrabi’s] Martyrdom.”

These statements were among a series of PA statements and events meant to emphasize and reinforce the message to the Palestinian population that Dalal Mughrabi, in spite of the international condemnation, is still to be glorified as a Palestinian hero and honored as a Martyr.

The following are statements made by Fatah officials and reports in the official PA papers supporting the “popular inauguration” of the terrorist square:

“The Palestinian Authority yesterday postponed its inauguration of a square named after the self-sacrificing Dalal Mughrabi in the town of El-Bireh, in the wake of an official Israeli protest, but this did not prevent tens of youth from inaugurating [the square] in a popular fashion…

Members of the El-Bireh council, who requested anonymity, said that the inauguration of the square had been postponed after the senior PA personnel received a message from the Israeli government…

Adnan Al-Dumeiri, a spokesman for the security apparatus, said that the inauguration of the junction had been postponed ‘for technical reasons, not in the wake of a request by Israel.’ He added, ‘Neither Israel nor any other body is able to prevent us from taking pride in our history.’


It’s time the United States leads the EU in preventing Palestinian Authority officials from taking pride in that kind of history. Again, it’s the perfect complement to demanding the total settlement freeze from Israel, even in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem.

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