The Dish (crypto-)corrects!

The Dish caught the second map error, possibly because of reader emails. Andrew quickly defers to Wikipedia (eek) for Jerusalem’s demographics and issues a correction disguised as a clarification … but there’s no mention of its pro-one-state source. He even refers to the second map as “less loaded,” which pronounces an indirect, unintentional benediction on that rejectionist source.

He’s obviously not ready to be self-critical about his uncritical approach to certain things.

I assume the readers have also told him that when he wrote,

By the end of the British mandate, and an influx of Jewish refugees and Zionists, the proportions [of Palestinian population] were roughly 70 percent Muslims and 30 percent Jews. Jews were concentrated in urban areas along the coast but, as the first map shows, some were indeed in the West Bank, although as a tiny minority.This isn’t propaganda; it’s fact

it was both propaganda and fact.

“Palestine” was 70% Muslim and 30% Jewish over an area of land that was more than 4.5 times bigger than Israel and the West Bank put together. 78% of “Palestine” then was what we now call Jordan and the British didn’t allow Jews to settle there.

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