Some straw babies, 1

Foxman Calls Petraeus A Jew-Baiter

17 Mar 2010 10:09 am

The man with the fax machine has declared that Petraeus’ recent comments on Israel “[smack] of blaming the Jews for everything.” […]

Um, no. Said nothing about Petraeus blaming the Jews. Said the growing theme of U.S. troops being in more danger because of Israel instead of America was dangerous and “smacks of blaming the Jews for everything,” i.e., perhaps could assist such blaming. Foxman might often be guilty of overstatement; Sullivan is guilty of not checking statements, i.e., not giving a shit.

Speaking of the Dish’s not giving a shit, the other day, Sullivan wrote to Goldberg:

Now this: my simple publication of a map was apparently

meant to deny Jewish claims to virtually any of the land of Israel.

Seriously, this is absurd.

Um, yes, Andrew’s interpretation is seriously absurd. Goldberg said “[…] Andrew published an egregious and tendentious map meant to deny Jewish claims to virtually any of the land of Israel […]” Emphasis mine.

Is Andrew for real? Selectively quoting to smear Goldberg as making this personal accusation is very low. Goldberg didn’t even write “Andrew published a […] map meaning to deny.”

Here’s a straw baby argument I should have mentioned about a month ago, from his retort to Leon Wieselter’s piece in The New Republic:

And notice that Wieseltier, in a convoluted fashion, does not exactly disagree on Netanyahu’s intransigence. But all of this is always Obama’s failure because it can never be Israel’s fault because to say that anything is Israel’s fault is anti-Semitic. Lovely piece of circular logic there, innit?

Um, no. Wieseltier never argued that assigning blame, even all the blame, to Israel in this diplomatic dispute was antisemitic.

I suspect Sullivan was being dishonest here, but I guess something so obvious can escape the notice of a dogmatist who has found this (!) as an axiom:

And I strongly disagree that when a struggle between a foreign country’s government and the newly elected president of the United States cripples the peace process, it is somehow the president of the United States’ fault.

Andrew apparently has learned to love when people accuse him, or someone whose opinion he shares, of antisemitism, so much so, that he tries to misrepresent or misquote people to portray them making that accusation. It’s a crude “bludgeon,” which he found useful even before Wieseltier’s article.


UPDATE, 3/18/10: “But it’s only a matter of time, I have learned, between anyone actually criticizing the policies of Israel and being deemed a you-know-what.”

An asshole?

No, this is Sullivan working his own antisemite smear.

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