Quote of the Day

Once you realize that Israel has no intention whatever of accepting a two-state solution, whatever the Israeli leadership says, the tensions between the US and Israel are much more explicable. — Andrew Sullivan, 3/30/10

And once you realize that Andrew Sullivan has no intention of not cherrypicking right-wingers to insinuate that most Israelis are revanchists — whatever the Israeli Labour Party would support — the tensions between The Daily Dish and pro-Israel Jews are much more explicable.

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Lot of stuff going on at the homefront. Plus, Andrew tried to surreptitiously eat crow on a couple of big things: dually-loyal Dennis Ross (“call it the neo-neo-neo-neo-con soft shoe”) and cold-eyed, anti-AIPAC Gen. David Petreaus (“Obama is Israel’s last chance to dial back this vicious fundamentalist cycle. And if israel doesn’t, the consequences for all of us are grave. Petraeus gets this. When will the neocons?”) … I figured there would many other people who would archive that nonsense.

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