Are pundits more formidable than politicians?

How To End A Career In 140 Characters Or Less

09 Apr 2010 05:00 pm

Gordon Brown dumps a Scotland MP candidate for making a series of offensive comments via Twitter. Paul Waugh:

Surely jokes about slavery, insulting voters as ‘chavs’ and “ugly old boots” makes life politically impossible? [Stuart] MacLennan also describes pensioners as “coffin dodgers”. His Twitter account has now been suspended, but these screen shots tell the tale.

I find this sad, of course. When our only representatives have never hooked up online, never made an unseemly joke on her Facebook page, never told a dirty joke, never allowed for an occasional diversion into political incorrectness, we will have the faceless, humorless, scripted, alien governing class we deserve.

Emphasis mine. But apparently when they’re pundits, with no direct political power, distasteful jokes show the American Right to be “protofascists” … and make Andrew Sullivan the heir of the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War or something.


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