The award for bravely not spouting idiotic BS when other people would definitely catch you for it

Just found this post, questioning the aptness of the Dish’s “Yglessias” award:

Andrew Sullivan’s award named for his furry Atlantic co-blogger (not Ross Douthat, the other one) to pay tribute to honorable acts of liberal self-criticism. So Yglesias isn’t so gung-ho about gun control; he’ll defend Bill Bennett when he thinks the left’s misinterpreted and vilified an offhand remark the evangelical conservative has made about the concatenation between abortion and black crime rates, etc.

All well and good, I guess, to bestow credit on someone for intellectual honesty, however sad this reflects on the state of intellectual discourse at present. Doesn’t it remind you of Chris Rock’s joke about taking credit for not going to jail? “Whatchu want, a cookie!?”


Give a man a reputation as an early riser, said Twain, and he can sleep soundly till noon for the rest of his days. So does Yglesias’s reputation as a young pundit of great political sophistication never seem to suffer from his routine displays of political stupidity.

At this point, a Dish nomination for an Yglessias award is a petty, opportunistic gesture, more of a tribute to the Dish’s desire to label ideological camps and/or a left-handed complement to the nominee, than it is a measure of respect for open-mindedness and principled refusal to cave to the party line.

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