Meh mail

Dish’s reader mail today:

A reader writes:

Chait finds “Israel distinctly more sympathetic than Hamas”. Comparing a political party to a country in a way that makes a people, the Palestinians, seem like terrorists is a distortion of the first order, in a column supposedly about distortions where Chait criticizes the idea of comparing the United States to Al Qaeda in the same paragraph.

Chait is comparing two conflicts, in regard to “foreign policy,” i.e., mostly military policy. On those grounds, contrasting Hamas’ military objectives to Israel’s military objectives seems to spare both Israeli and Palestinian civilians from criticism.

One could argue that by not comparing the PA’s “foreign policy” to Israel’s, only Hamas’, Chait is making an unfair comparison with Al Qaeda and the U.S. But Chait’s analogy seems to imply that two sides (Al Quaeda and the U.S., Israel and Hamas) are actively fighting in both cases.

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