Goldberg continues that joke on himself

The post:

On the Disappearance of Jewish Wisdom, Far Out at Sea

Goldberg hasn’t really come to that conclusion. This is the start of how he painfully positions himself, by cuing different sides to come at him with abuse, in the middle.

From emailers on the Right, he’ll get crap because of the overlap he has with this:

Says Winograd, “I suspect the murders were committed as a warning to others who might want to bring humanitarian aid to Gaza. Ironically, the killings are bound to heighten awareness about the brutal blockade and to increase pressure to end the imprisonment of over a million people in Gaza.”

Adds Winograd, “Violence begets violence. Hatred begets hatred. Enough, we must stop this, and adhere to the laws that have been established by the international community. […]

From pundits on the Left, he’ll get crap because of the overlap he has with this:

From the Dish, he may be quoted for crap on Israel … and then for crap on Goldblog.

Goldberg doesn’t know how wise the world will view the wisdom of one ship — from the IHH — the only one out of 8 in the aid flotilla that was not a cargo ship, but a passenger vessel manned for the purpose of armed confrontation. The purpose of that ship might very well be seen as distinct from the “Free Gaza” aid-media mission.

As a way to gloss over the premeditated mayhem above, I expect will be hearing the phrase “international waters” a lot in the next few weeks — and in response the phrase “the San Remo Manual.”

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