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Paid soldiers?

Ron Ben Yishai, who broke the Sabra-and-Shatilla(-and-Sharon) massacre story reports in Hebrew [Google translated]:

Members of this group refused to identify the investigation or to cooperate with investigators, most of them arrived without any identification that would enable to identify who they are and where they came from.  However, researchers almost completely clear that this group of violent activists were recruited by one of the operators IHH who organized the rally. Pockets of some of the detainees were found large sums of money.

Yeah, but that could have been for Hamas, or for relatives of friends.

They also brought on board Ahmarmra ceramic vests, masks Ab”ach, and lots of weapons like the metal telescopic batons, knives and machine guns.

Machine guns?! If that’s true, how come we haven’t heard about it or seen video yet?

BTW, what legitimate aid cargo was the Mavi Marara carrying? I haven’t read any description of it yet. Is it possible that the largest ship was only supposed to “break the blockade” by bringing visitors onto Gaza shores?


[UPDATE, 6/3]

Maybe “machine guns” was a Google translation mistake because I’ve read no reports indicating they were found. Michael Oren has only mentioned shell casings found on the ship not from IDF guns.

Some IDF video of what was collected — lots of vests and gas masks — with an attached clip of passengers sawing off metal pipes from the ship:

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