Oh, here was Chait’s parody

From Jonathan Chait’s post on the Flotilla incident, which begins by having some fun with the Dish’s ever more frequent spells of rhetorical excesses, tunnel-vision moral judgments and hysterical tone:

Andrew Sullivan has a post mocking the heretofore absence of commentary about the latest dust-up in Israel at TNR. You know, it was Memorial Day. Does the memory of America’s fallen heroes mean nothing to Sullivan? Of course it doesn’t. Many of these fallen heroes were killed by Sullivan’s countrymen in the name of imperialism and monarchy, a heartless ideology of world conquest. This is the classic imperialist/monarchist method of murder, lies and distraction. First they cruelly enslave a continent and murder any inhabitants who dare resist in the name of freedom, musket shot ripping through their vital organs, or perhaps their throats ripped open by bayonets, while they cling to life dreaming of one last chance to return home to their loved ones. And then, when you dare take a day to mourn the sacrifice of the heroes, they mock you for your love of freedom, just as they mocked Gandhi for daring to resist their blood-soaked empire.

Well, okay, actually I spent the day driving the minivan back from a trip up the east coast to the in-laws.

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