Smarter Israel

Via Michael J. Totten, Israel has quickly found a simple and effective way to deal with the flotillas. Bloomberg’s Business Week:

Costs Increase

“The costs of sending aid to Gaza has increased,” [Hossein] Sheikholeslam [head of the Iranian agency to support Palestinians] said. “As Israel has said it will confiscate ships, no company is prepared to rent their vessels.”

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor declined to comment on the cancellation of the Iranian voyage when reached by telephone today.

A simple hit to the pocketbook. No need to manipulate the Kurds, appear like cynical monsters and provoke Turkey into beckoning WW3 — sorry, Andrew … it’s the thought that counts.

But maybe it’s more than just the pocketbook at work here. After all, why wouldn’t aggressive governments make up for where private investment is lacking?

“The Zionist regime has made sending aid to Gaza a political issue,” Hossein Sheikholeslam […] was cited as saying by the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency late yesterday.

Commence laughter.

He referred to Israel’s warning to the United Nations that it may take military action to prevent ships from reaching Gaza.

Which is old news — see the Dish’s on-message references to the “assault” on the Mavi Marmara — because Israel hasn’t stepped up any threats.

“In order not to give the Zionist regime an excuse, we will send the aid through other routes and without Iran’s name,” said Sheikholeslam, a former lawmaker and diplomat.

… Having your ship confiscated after the boarding doesn’t ennoble you in the eyes of your people like when your boats sail home to a welcome home party. It makes you look more like a loser who’s just donated to the Zionist fleet.

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