Quote of the day

Eamann McDonagh makes a point everyone is avoiding:

It’s worth reminding those who glibly support the idea that Israel’s nuclear arsenal will deter a nuclear  Iran that they are supported the killing of hundreds of thousands – possibly millions – of ordinary Iranians if deterrence fails and Israel retaliates. If you don’t support this you are not supporting deterrence. There are no clean hands for anyone in this debate.

When Hillary Clinton threatened Iran with an attack in retaliation for a nuclear strike on Israel, I wondered whether the United States would have the stomach for such an attack after the fate of Israel was already determined. Would we kill 200,000 more people for the purpose of making a point? Hell, I don’t know if I’d have the stomach for it.

What positive humanitarian effect would a retaliatory strike have? Prevent Iran from expanding its influence over the peoples of the Middle East? Prevent other Middle Eastern nations from rushing to get the Bomb? Convince nations everywhere that it would not be in their interest to nuke another country?

The price of such positive humanitarian effects might be violating UN genocide laws, given that the U.S. would be targeting a huge amount of a national group based on their national affiliation.

With all the pro-containment arguments the Daily Dish has been making, we should hear effusive confidence that bombing Iran in retaliation would be the right thing to do and should be done without hesitation. Andrew should be arguing against Just War Theory or attempting to construct an annex to it. He should stipulate that he is determined not to change his mind if the tragic situation arises when the United States must decide whether to fulfill its terrible promise.

If I were an Israeli, I would not trust the United States to do the wrong thing, wrong as in “two wrongs don’t make a right.”


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