Questions to which the answer is “No,” #89,083

It’s from Miral Satar, via a Daily Dish post called “Muslim Activity at Ground Zero”:

The mosque debate rages on: should a mosque be built so close to Ground Zero?

However, Muslims have been using the proposed site (Park 51) for Ramadan and Friday prayers for almost two years. Check out TIME’s exclusive video of  prayer services at Park51 where attendees discuss the mosque and the media frenzy surrounding it.

So the question remains: if the “Ground Zero” mosque already exists, does it nullify the debate?

Answer: No.

It does suggest that many people who oppose the mosque may not know that people are already using it to pray … and/or many people who oppose the mosque may object to possibilities of symbolism more than the fact of Muslim prayer itself.

Doesn’t absolve them of bigotry, but does make the question of their various motives more complicated than, say, Peter Beinart’s moral revulsion and Miral Sattar’s question.

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