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“Gaza-style” inquiry for U.S. Af-Pak conduct

Clearly, the Daily Dish is going to get behind this, for the sake of justice as well as  to show how it holds no double standards:

A United Nations investigation into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan should be launched to identify and prosecute individuals responsible, says a former top-ranking UN official on extrajudicial killings.

Philip Alston called for the UN Human Rights Council to investigate the “conduct of the war” in Afghanistan amid rising concern over the level of civilian casualties caused by coalition forces, including Britain, and by the Taliban. It should be modelled, he said, on the inquiry into Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip.

In his first interview since stepping down last month after six years as the UN’s special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, Alston said the lack of prosecutions concerning alleged war crimes was a major cause of concern because of the large number of Afghan civilians killed in the conflict.

Andrew has previously backed the U.S.’s policy of drone strikes, so he should man-up and invite an investigation where the U.S. will have to defend itself for any unjust actions and policies. He wouldn’t want to leave us with the possibility that he is ignoring the moral necessity of such an investigation because of his quest to attain U.S. citizenship.

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