Jeffrey Goldberg thinks down near Pamela Gellar’s level

Jeffrey Goldberg has a very small post today, where the content seems to only be him letting off steam — he initially misspelled embarrassment in the title:

Pamela Gellar: An Embarassment to Judaism

Really, how did American Judaism produce this vile, racist creature? I wait for the same rabbis who condemned the racism of Meir Kahane to condemn her.

I had no idea that she was a clerical representative of Judaism. In that case, I will ask that all the rabbinical organizations that count her as a member expel her immediately. I’m embarrassed to say, I didn’t even know Gellar was practicing. I shall condemn her as an embarrassment “to Judaism,” as I condemn all the Jews who I have heard utter racist comments in their own name as opposed to in Judaism’s.

Honestly, I don’t see any reason why any branch of Judaism or any Jewish community has to be embarrassed by one person (unless it’s a Jew who is actively attempting to embarrass Judaism, like Otto Weiniger or Gilad Atzmon). Should Christianity be embarrassed by Reverend Wright? Should Catholics be embarrassed by Michael Moore’s invocation of Catholicism or by what a self-professed Catholic writes on the Daily Dish?

Strongly disassociating yourself from a cleric with whom you have been in association or one who claims to speak for the ideology inside the faith is one thing. A sense of ethnic embarrassment is another (see Weiniger or Atzmon).

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