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No one apparently thinks the Dish is a valuable voice on Israel

My little experiment in a three-post mini-essay concluded last week. I’m not sure it was that successful an idea, but there are many points in all three posts – here, here and here – that I hope can stimulate push-back and debate. So have it. Again, the point of this was to try and get away from tit-for-tat blog-spats and toward a bloggy attempt to air some ideas which require a little more space than a single post. The Dish remains open to any and all rebuttals or clarifications.

It’s weeks later and I haven’t seen a reply to any of Andrew’s 3 posts, either relayed on the Dish or in the Judaically-interested blogosphere.

It seems that people with any degree of warmth toward the idea that a Jewish state can be a liberal project don’t assign credence to the Dish’s dysphemic utterances and shallow rhetorical arguments about Israel.

On this issue, Andrew Sullivan is being humored by readers and colleagues who hope for good posts on other issues.

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