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“This says it all”

The title of the post is “The Core Point — From the Victim”. Andrew links to a video clip where Rep. Giffords warns that there are consequences to doing something like putting crosshairs over a political district.

He then writes:

This says it all. Sarah Palin, at the very least, needs to apologize for her tragic misjudgment if she is to remain in public life.

I agree with Giffords’ point in the video, but I also see that Andrew Sullivan wants this point to “say it all.” Instinctively, the Dish wants this point to have rhetorical connotations that drown out analysis and arguments — both constructive and defensive — about the facts of this terrible crime and the cause-and-effect between those facts.

He wants the blame and guilt to attach directly to Sarah Palin and her fans. Even if it turns out that this assassin despised Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, perhaps as symbols of national ignorance,  the Dish wants them to accrue some guilt for a mass murder by analogy.

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