“Kerking” a mass murder

Wanting to pin shame and guilt on his political opposition:

My own view is that this is a moment for sane conservatives to control their kerking knee and reflect a little on what they have enabled. If politics is warfare, people will die.

They’ve enabled this?  It wouldn’t have happened without them and their rhetoric?

That is bullshit, and he knows it. But here’s a question: If an assassination happens and the murderer is a right-wing nutcase whose nuttiness predates the Tea Party and Palin, going back to the time of the Contract with America, have today’s conservatives “enabled” this?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say “they enabled it,” but I would say they “contributed to this.”

… To be honest, from pure self-interest, a Republican would say to him or herself “We ‘dodged a bullet,’ with this guy not being one of us. So let’s ratchet down the appearance of violent rhetoric, so that if a mentally-ill Republican does something like this in the future, we don’t get blamed.”

But Sullivan wants them to be viewed already guilty — by analogy! And “sane Republicans” must agree with him?

From the liberal side of it, I’m wondering why Sharon Angle was not shamed out of town for her comments about “Second Amendment” remedies. That’s it.

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