Antisemitism inseparable from defense of Israel, according to an incoherent Dish post

Steve Clemons is having none of the usual anti-anti-Semite code being flung at him

“Usual anti-anti-Semite code”? What could this even mean? Seems like blithering.

( “Ante-anti-Semite code” might have made sense if this was at all a meme but it’s not. — I myself have broached the idea that Sullivan might be what I called an “ante-antisemite.” )

because he actually shares the Obama administration’s approach to Israel,

The viewpoint is about the same as every administration. The only thing different about the “approach” is that Obama wanted a settlement freeze to precipitate significant negotiations … But Andrew must be dreaming in a time machine because my president (not Andrew’s yet) has abandoned that approach and even withdrew — before Israel gave an answer — the idea of extending a freeze for 3 months.

but wants a change in tactics:

I would like to know from Jennifer Rubin and from her editor — and from the Chairman of the Board of the Washington Post — what I have ever said, what I have ever written, what I have ever organized that deserves the characterization I received from Jennifer Rubin today at the Washington Post. What does she consider makes me an Israel-basher?

The fact is that Jennifer Rubin referred to people on the list or perhaps the list as a whole, but did not mention Steve Clemons or identify him as assembling this list.

But while we’re on the subject, should Clemons ask the same thing about everyone else on the list, such as … Chas Freeman.  Has he ever said he is not in favor of Israel’s security? Lip service doesn’t count for very much.

I think the answer is that any criticism of Israel is evidence, in the paranoid neocon mind, of anti-Semitism.

Or perhaps this is classic projection. Since Rubin never said anything about antisemitism, only “Israel-bashing” … the paranoid mind obsessed with antisemitism is … Andrew’s.


UPDATE: It turns out Mearsheimer is on the complete list of signatures Clemons solicited. Why didn’t Clemons put John Mearsheimer’s name on his list of notable signatories at Huffington Post?

Seems hypocritical for Clemons to demand an explanation of why he considered himself to be accused of “Israel-bashing” when Jennifer Rubin mentioned the list as a whole; but on the other hand not to provide an explanation of why he didn’t think Huffington Post readers should know that one of his signatories were John Mearsheimer, who day by day has built a reputation as an Israel-basher.

Heck, it doesn’t just seem hypocritical; it seems downright shady.

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