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Broken political compass watch

Ethan Bronner even props up this bizarre notion [that Obama asserted borders must hewn to 1948 lines]. Bronner’s evidence is that there is a distinction between affirming that a peace settlement should not be based on “a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949” and one saying exactly the same thing with the formula of 1967 borders along with “mutually agreed upon land-swaps.” Let’s just say that Bronner is now far to the right of Jeffrey Goldberg and Walter Russell Mead.

This after the Dish called, of all people, Aaron David Miller (!) a “classic A[merican] J[ewish] E[stablishment] member” merely because (a) he has a semblance of power (a respected byline and friends who still work for the White House, and (b) and he’s a Jew who disagrees with the Dish.

There’s more:

Well, Roger Ailes isn’t that powerful. The meme that a speech that said almost nothing new is a “stunning” attack on Israel is countered on the right with an embrace of the speech by neoconservatives. Yeah: you couldn’t make this conservative cognitive dissonance up.

So the Dish’s latest opinion is that all self-professed conservatives have to think the same?

Is open-mindedness now only praised when the opposite quality is the criticism Andrew Sullivan is levying against other people? I thought Sullivan was portraying himself as the conservative cast out for defying a monopoly of pro-Bush opinion which was, by definition, anti-intellectual.

There’s even more:

Pro-settler Huckabee:

President Obama has betrayed Israel and made a grievous mistake by suggesting borders of Israel go back to pre-1967 borders. This is an outrage to peace, sovereignty of Israel, and a stable Middle East.

I guess this is a monent to realize that the American right and the West Bank settler movement are now indistinguishable.

Except for the teeny little detail that one group lives in the settlements … It seems that for him, it’s a faraway idea that Israelis daily, constantly, deal with issues that are outside the American news cycle to which he applies his obsession with outing neocons.

Plus, didn’t he just say that the Right is divided — Unacceptable! — on this speech?

My view of the speech as I heard it is below. My bottom line on Israel/Palestine is that this contained little that is new on the subject. Moreover, the content about democratization was almost exactly the same as the final section of the prescient Cairo speech. The distinction between Bush and Obama on democratization is now and always has been that Bush wanted to impose it by force and Obama wants to coax its indigenous evolution. Is that so hard to grapple with?

Well, there definitely is someone here that is having difficulty grappling with Obama’s actual positions as opposed to what they expect of the President.

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