Quote of the day

A dog whistle for his beagles and people who are in the know? —

And if a democratic Egypt emerges to insist on the obvious contours of the two-state solution, and Israel still balks at even freezing its settlement activity, it seems to me that the US should side with a far more crucial ally in the region, Egypt, and withdraw its support from an essentially un-democratic Greater Israel, with a disenfranchised Arab majority in Judea and Samaria. — Andrew Sullivan, 5/13/11

What does Egypt have to do with this? … Why does supporting one country imply undercutting the other?

The Dish mentions Egypt in this context because of a fantasy he entertains wherein the United States gains influence in the region by giving dramatic support to a fulminating Arab polity while decreasing our current support to Muslim-hated Israel.

And where did I infer the Dog Whistle part? Because surely Andrew knows that Egypt will give lip service to the 1967 lines (while not promoting a compromise on refugees, of course), that’s all it has to do to fulfill its part of Andrew’s conditional. And surely Andrew knows that Israel will not adhere to a permanent “settlement freeze” if that phrase means not building and renovating inside those areas that it already has, that are contiguous with Israel 1948, the portion of the settlements that does not interfere with Palestinian lives.

It seems as though the Dish is preparing to introduce the majority of its readers to the idea that Israel will attain the status of “Greater Israel plus Apartheid” on the Dish much sooner than they expect. (What an amazing Zionist he is!)


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