Waiting on Libya … well, some of us

I could have commented on this 9 days ago, but as a bloody showdown in Libya seems imminent, it may be a good time to recall Andrew’s words on August 11:

But you’d think after the Libya debacle this kind of liberal utopianism might be waning. Sadly, it isn’t. By the way, heard from all those pious neocons lately on their latest little war? Radio silence from Wieseltier

(“Neocon” evidently, because Wieseltier doesn’t agree with Andrew about a war, or because Andrew thinks that this label will buzz the hate reflexes of a section of his readership.)

and Kaplan. But they were in a win-win position, because they can always blame Obama for not being more interventionist.

I don’t think that, say, August 1 to August 11 was the best time to comment on a Libya “debacle” because the situation hadn’t shown itself to be such. The rebels had been getting better and better as soldiers over the past few months. By the start of August, it was obvious that the battle situation in Libya would likely present large new difficulties or large successes to the NATO-backed rebels in the next few weeks or months.

It’s incredible that a so-called conservative of doubt can’t be circumspect enough about a military conflict, so that he can have a vision of it beyond the CNN news cycle. The Dish is not showing the conservative temperament it piously claims to champion. It is not even showing an adult temperate. When a pundit comments in such a fashion, irresponsible to logic and ardent about who must receive blame, he’s merely descending to barroom crankhood.

In fact, in totally ignoring the facts to make ideological assessments about the progress of NATO’s objectives in Libya, Andrew is getting dangerously close to what Orwell wrote about making predictions from ideology and repressing facts instead of the converse. That was from the essay where Orwell said, “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” — You know, the words that Andrew has in his masthead, after having misunderstood and misrepresented how Orwell used them.


[UPDATE — 8/21]

… We’ve upped our Facebook and Twitter game. And the daily job of fusing our minds and research with the collective brain of our readership. i.e. you, has really deepened. Up next: DishTV of sorts. We hope to launch in September.

Which is, I guess, my excuse for taking a breather until Labor Day. I used to take a whole month off to recuperate from a year’s on-grid-ness.

Isn’t that metaphor related to the “radio silence” accusation that he absurdly used against liberal interventionists he called “neocons”?

This year, I got two weeks in July to spend with family and friends, which was wonderful but also not total chillax. So I’m grabbing what’s left of summer to turn off and drop out […]

Quite a time to foreswear news reports, and back off from righteous indignation against unneccessary-war-makers.

Of course, my absence all but guarantees a Mid-East revolution, but you’ll be in the best of hands.

Perhaps he knows.