Quote of the Day

“The individual suffering from AIDS certainly is a victim — frequently a victim of his own lifestyle — but this same individual victimizes innocent citizens by forcing them to pay for his care.”  — Ron Paul


Hitchens on Orwell

LAMB: What did you like about George Orwell?

HITCHENS: Again, nothing so unconventional about it. I think he really would follow logic and honesty to their full conclusion. He would not be deflected by the fact that this might offend someone he knew or some cause with which he was associated or, more important, wouldn’t even discompose himself. In other words, he thought, okay, if I don’t like this conclusion, I’m still sticking with it if it’s been arrived at honorably.

It sounds like an easy thing to do or to say, but it’s actually very hard to live by and I think he really did live by it.

From a 1998 C-SPAN interview with Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens is speaking of Orwell as one of his models for intellectual heroism. Orwell is the man whose quote the Dish misused or misread and then put on its masthead, to glean from Orwell’s reputation for intellectual heroism.

Quote of the day

No [other] Republican candidate could get even a handful of the under-30s to stand up and cheer them. — Andrew Sullivan, 12/17/11, on Ron Paul’s appearance on the Tonight Show

Dish judeoparanoia watch … plus, blog threats!

Today, in a post called Krauthammer Threatens, Andrew sees either a threat or a promised ultimatum from an American Jewish pundit, who must somehow be powerful or in-the-know with the Israeli military establishment:

Here’s a passage to make you stop in your tracks:

Everything is going to have a price. It is true that if we cut off Iran’s economy entirely or if we impose, as the Europeans, or some of the Europeans, are suggesting, an embargo on Iranian oil you might get an increase in the oil price. But think how the cost will pale compared to the cost of what is inevitably going to happen if nothing is done, which is an Israeli airstrike, which would cause the outbreak of a regional war, which could cause the closing of the Straits of Hormuz, which would cause a doubling of [oil] prices.

Does Krauthammer know something we don’t? Or is this some kind of blackmail message?

Or… maybe … is this the same analysis that many people all over the world, gentile and non-gentile (including perhaps Obama, in his behind-the-scenes diplomacy), are making regarding the power of sanctions and Israel’s fear that the United States won’t be able to get China and Russia, and some Western European countries, to condone the sanctions that could effectively stop a nuclear program and/or bring down a tyrannical regime?

Here’s Andrew condoning (– maybe putting it forward wistfully –) an actual threat, which seems to imply that Obama will work against Netanyahu’s leadership with some kind of negative stimulus toward Israel — from May 20, 2011:

Don’t push your luck, Bibi. Others have with Obama and they have learned that he is often more canny than they are with political jujitsu. Obama’s usual tactic: gently and subtly prompting his foes to self-destruct. I just hope that in this critical juncture in the Middle East, Netanyahu doesn’t take his country with him.

Now, Andrew has noted how people in the administration read his blog, and he has buttonholed them at times (as with the HIV ban), and he has spoken to Obama, who reached out to Andrew after he won the election to thank Andrew and promise not to give up with a reversal of Bush policy directions.  If people in the blogosphere asked whether Andrew “know[s] something we don’t? Or is this some kind of blackmail message?”, wouldn’t he accuse them of paranoia, and underscore the accusation with one of his favorite epithets to use when he diagnoses a form of mental illness in people who disagree with him? — “clinical.”

I should point out that Krauthaummer’s remarks which Andrew labels as a threat were made in a National-Review-magazine sponsored discussion panel … apparently an orthodox source of Israeli-sponsored ultimata to the United States, in Andrew’s mind.