Hitchens on Orwell

LAMB: What did you like about George Orwell?

HITCHENS: Again, nothing so unconventional about it. I think he really would follow logic and honesty to their full conclusion. He would not be deflected by the fact that this might offend someone he knew or some cause with which he was associated or, more important, wouldn’t even discompose himself. In other words, he thought, okay, if I don’t like this conclusion, I’m still sticking with it if it’s been arrived at honorably.

It sounds like an easy thing to do or to say, but it’s actually very hard to live by and I think he really did live by it.

From a 1998 C-SPAN interview with Christopher Hitchens. Hitchens is speaking of Orwell as one of his models for intellectual heroism. Orwell is the man whose quote the Dish misused or misread and then put on its masthead, to glean from Orwell’s reputation for intellectual heroism.

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